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The 2017/18 edition is now available!

The Ultimate Guide to: 

Getting a Job at PwC in 2018

This guide will prepare you for the rigorous application process at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and help you compete with tens of thousands of applications!

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Find out how to ace your application form, aptitude tests, assessment centre, interviews, and more!

This guide features seven chapters, insight into over a dozen aptitude tests and assessments, and first-hand experience of the application process at PricewaterhouseCoopers – it is the ultimate guide to preparing yourself for the process and getting a job at PwC!

Compete with tens of thousands of applications and come out on top using the plethora of resources, tips, tricks, and strategies laid out for you in this ultimate guide.

Prepare Your Application

  • What to expect from the application process
  • What kind of a candidate is PwC looking for and how to become that candidate 
  • How to prepare your application and what you need to look out for
  • How to avoid being one of roughly 80% of candidates who are rejected at this early stage

Regular price: £38.50

Special Offer: £28.99 (25% OFF)

Ace Aptitude Tests

  • Demistifying the specific aptitude tests that PwC will use to test you
  • Tips and strategies for passing 4 different aptitude tests
  • In-depth look at 9 different elements that you can be assessed by and how to prepare for them
  • Less-known best practices that will help you stand out as a candidate
  • How to approach different types of assessments and which skills you will need

Regular price: £38.50

Special Offer: £28.99 (25% OFF)

Excerpt from the Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job at PwC - Aptitude Tests

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Edwin Chan Profile Photo

Edwin Chan Chemistry Graduate, University of Manchester 

"Thanks WJ! I'm pretty sure I now know more about the application process, aptitude tests, and the assessment centre than my interviewers!"

Dominate Your Job Interview

  • Quotes from a successful candidate's first-hand experience about PwC interviews
  • What kind of interviews you should expect and what kind of questions you should prepare for
  • How to present yourself and show you are the right candidate for the job
  • The "do's and dont's" of a successful job interview
  • Crucial tips that will help you ensure you have all your bases covered

Regular price: £38.50

Special Offer: £28.99 (25% OFF)

Overcome the Final Hurdle

  • How to prepare for the challenges of the assessment centre
  • Overview of PwC's assessment criteria - 5 essential traits that PwC will look for
  • Insider's insight into assessments such as case studies, written exercises, and role-playing exercises  
  • Why you should expect the unexpected from the final interview
  • Publications and news topics you should keep up with
  • Insider's insight into "red flags": things you might say or do that can worry partners and directors holding the interviews 

Regular price: £38.50

Special Offer: £28.99 (25% OFF)

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